Upcoming Events:

California’s Choices: 2016 Ballot Measures
Bob Stern, Tony Quinn, Ken Miller
October 26 | 5:30 pm | Sign up now at MMC Athenaeum

Polarization: The Rise of Ideology in U.S. Politics
Steve Schier, professor of political science specializing in American politics
November 2 | 5:30 pm | MMC Athenaeum 

Recent Events:

Reflections On A Career In Congress
Congresswoman Lois Capps GP’18
October 5 | 11:45 am | MMC Athenaeum


Featured Projects

Video Voter
Presents balanced and objective information to voters about upcoming California initiatives in short videos.

The Miller Initiative Database
Provides information on all statewide initiatives adopted by voters in the United States from 1904 through 2013.

The Kosmont-Rose Institute Cost of Doing Business Survey
This annual survey collects and analyzes data on fees, taxes, costs, and incentives that contribute to the cost of doing business in cities in the western United States.





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